Grabber Reacher Tool, Newest Version Long 33 Inch’ Steel Inner Cord Foldable Lightweight Garbage Trash Picker Litter Pickup Stick Tool with Easy Squeeze Strong Grip Claw to Assist Elderly by Luxet

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  • CONVENIENT GRIPPER TOOL: The inner cord making this super strong and durable! Easily pick up small items that are far from reach or in tight spaces with ease using this amazing long reach grabbing tool that makes collecting things so much easier! Great for getting the remote from the table, broken glass from the floor, and much more! Handicap Accessories. Dressing stick. Post surgery gifts. Bulb remover
  • EXTRA LONG EXTENDING REACHER TOOL : With a maximum range of 33 inches, Your Nifty Claw Pick Up Grabber reaching areas you normally can’t with your arm Extension ! It makes cleaning up and collecting trash and litter a breeze so you never need to get your hands dirty with this pick up stick grabber and keep your environment free of garbage. Garbage Trash grabbers and pickers Litter claw pickup stick reacher. Trash Picker
  • EASY SQUEEZE GRIP - With an easy Squeeze Grip And Claw garbage picker upper tool , it makes it easier for the Elderly or Handicapped to use. It holds a Firm grip and perfect to pick up any item on the ground or high up on the Shelves. Nifty Grabber
  • A SAFE WAY TO GET WHAT YOU NEED: No more having to get the shaky step stool or ladder that can lead to falls – our portable grabber & reacher tool garbage picker lets you get whatever you desire without having to risk accidents. It’s a must-have in medical facilities and elderly care to minimize physical strain. Medical Supplies equipment grabber tool for elderly household items hand grip Perfect for handicap accessories
  • HOW TO USE - Aline the 2 black parts on the grabber reaching aid sticking out in the middle to the the 2 holes and then slide the Black part down the center - Includes Manual