Luxet 62% High Quality Control Leak Free Humidity Packs Perfect for Herb Flowers, Cigars, Humidifier and Tobacco - 8 Gram

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  • PERFECT 62% HUMIDITY CONTROL PACKS - Enjoy your favorite cigars at the exact perfect level of moisture and humidity with this two-way humidor control pack. Each compact packet fits easily inside your cigar humidor and takes the guesswork out of proper humidity control.
  • NO DISTILLED WATER NEEDED - Avoid the hassle and expense of constantly adding distilled water to your humidor. This mini hydration packet acts as both a humidifier and dehumidifier, adjusting as needed based on external temperature to ensure long-lasting freshness.
  • NO ACTIVATION REQUIRED - These two-way humidity packs require no activation and absolutely no maintenance for the life of the product. Eliminate the cycles of humidity that can ruin a fine cigar. Just set it and forget it! Use two packs for every 50 cigars in the humidor.
  • SPILL-LEAK PROOF FIBER PACKET - Unlike messy liquid packets on the market, the inner humidifier contents of the Luxet pack are constructed from an innovative liquid-free fiber material. This means there is ZERO risk of liquid leaking out to soak the cigars or other items.
  • FOR CIGARS, TOBACCO, HERBS & MORE - These cleverly designed humidity packs are ready to go right out of the package. Use them for proper curing and moisture control with cigars, pipe tobacco, herbal cigarettes, medicinal Dry herbs, wooden instruments and more.